Amsterdam Vocal Company Docent Sofia
Beschikbaarheid Beschikbaar
Locatie OOST
Lesdag Donderdag, Vrijdag
Soort les Privé Zangles, Duo Zangles
Stijl Jazz, Blues, Classical

Sofia is our only native English speaking teacher. All the way from the United States, where she studied Jazz at the University of Illinois. After two bachelors (vocal performance and jazz performance) she went to the Netherlands to complete her Master’s degree at the jazz department of the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Since she got her masters degree in 2021 Sofia is a performing jazz vocalist, arranger and composer. She will be releasing her debut album later this year.

Sofia about singing lessons:

“Storytelling is one of the most powerful things vocalists are able to do, not just with music and lyrics, but with dynamics, phrasing, and everything else that goes into delivering a convincing message. By working on breath support, technique, and artistry we are able to explore all of the different and unique ways we can communicate and connect with our audience. During the singing lessons we will build a strong foundation for your creativity and voice to grow and flourish.”


Sofia live at the Blue Note Amsterdam

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